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Whether you’re looking to invest in a new property, need help selling your current one, or anything else real estate-related, we are happy to work with you in achieving your goals.

With years of experience working as licensed Real Estate Agents, we are seasoned and dedicated professionals ready to cater for all your real estate needs.

We are an independent, family owned Agency.  We specialise in providing ethical, transparent Real Estate services tailored to your individual needs that will produce exceptional results for you.  At 888 Real Estate our focus is on utilising the resources, skills and experience of our entire team to maximise the outcome for our customers, we do not operate on the traditional model where individual agents within an agency compete against each other for results, our culture places priority on ensuring that 100% of our resources are focused on the Sale, Purchase, Leasing and Management of your property. 


We operate on a platform of cohesive, inclusive teamwork, not one of self-promotion.  On these pages you won’t find glossy photos of beaming faces gloating about their experience and past glories in elaborately constructed biographies, similarly you won’t see the faces of 888 Real Estate sales staff displayed on the signage outside your property, our focus is on marketing and advertising your property not our staff.  We provide individual attention to your requirements which yields the superior outcome and result you are looking for. 


At 888 Real Estate we listen, our energetic team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our sophisticated Customer Relationship Management systems ensure that you are kept constantly informed of developments relating to your property transactions at the time they occur, and our Licensee in Charge and senior management are always available to provide guidance and answer your questions.  888 Real Estate has a reputation for absolute transparency in its communication with customers and will provide you with clear ‘plain English’ answers that demystify the jargon.  We guarantee 100% compliance with all rules, regulations and legislation and have systems in place to ensure all 888 Real Estate staff are aware of all changes and updates as they happen.


Connect with a member of the 888 team today to discuss your Residential Sales or Property Management needs on 02 9872 5215 or


Corporation Licence: 10065131

Licensee In Charge: Evette Gardner - Licence 20170126