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Whether you are planning to list and sell your property now or in a year’s time, or are just keen to understand the current local market, having an accurate individual appraisal conducted that takes into account the unique aspects that make your property different and desirable, is the key to navigating the process with peace of mind.


At 888 Real Estate we listen to you and manage the Sales process to meet your needs.  We will provide you with a considered accurate appraisal of your Home’s potential sales value, not just a list of comparable properties sold recently.  Understanding what makes your Home unique, along with practical advice on the best way to prepare your Home for sale, in conjunction with a tailored Sales Strategy is the key to realising the best possible sale price.  The 888 team is transparent in its methods and we pride ourselves on delivering you an honest, realistic and accurate appraisal of your Home’s sales potential.


Appraisals are free and can be conducted at a time that suits you.  Make contact with a 888 Real Estate NSW specialist today for a hassle free appraisal of your home on 9872 5215 or email

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