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Tenant Services

Tenant Services

Tenancy Application Form

For those tenants who are interested in leasing a property through 888 Real Estate NSW, please click here to download the Residential Tenancy Application Form. When submitting your application, please include the following:

- Photo Identification (current drivers licence, passport, proof of ID).
- Confirmation of Employment & Remuneration. 
- Current Tenancy Ledger. This is provided by your current estate agent.

For those tenants who are renting for the first time and are unable to supply a tenancy ledger, please provide a current bank statement. 


Rental Payments

At 888 Real Estate NSW we accept rent payments via cash, cheque, electronic fund transfer (EFT) and automatic direct debit.  Our agency has strict policies with regards to rental payment. Should your rent fall in arrears for any reason and you have not contacted us, you will receive a Termination Notice immediately. If you have difficulty in paying your rent please contact our office to set up a payment plan if possible. 


If you have a repair which is not urgent and would like to arrange a trade’s person, please call us or emails us using the form on the contact page. Please be as descriptive as possible in order to send the right trade’s person. If you have an emergency repair please contact our office immediately on 9872 5215. 


Tenants Wanting to Vacate

If your lease has expired and you wish to vacate your rental property, under the Residential Tenancy Agreement you are required to give 21 days’ written notice to our agency of your intention to vacate.  We will confirm your outgoing tenancy with particular instructions regarding your obligations when handing back the property.